3Our Sister City

Located in Tokushima Prefecture on the island of Shikoku in southeast Japan, Miyoshi City is a beautiful place to visit. The climate is mild but the tall mountains can bring some cool winds and a bit of snow in winter, much like in The Dalles. Both cities are located on scenic rivers, rich in natural resources and history.

Visits between the Sister Cities allow an exchange of ideas and information, e.g. between local governments as well as city employees, such as the police department and fire department. Miyoshi City has thousands of years’ experience—with fires, earthquakes and floods.

In addition to the cultural aspects and nurturing of international relationships, both cities benefit from increased tourism, and business and economic growth as products and services are exchanged.


Our mission is to build and sustain cross- cultural connections and mutual understanding with our sister cities and the larger global community. We accomplish this through education, exchanges, cultural events, partnerships and activities.

TDSCA Bylaws

Board of Directors:

  • President: Amber Tilton
  • Vice-President: Jen Anderson
  • Secretary: Jorgi Barrier
  • Treasurer: Matt Seckora

Members at Large and Volunteers:

  • Member at Large: Linda Miller
  • Member at Large: Rose Mays